5 Things You Didnt Know About The Brain

5 Things You Didn't Know About the Brain!

By Michael Sharp | February 6th, 2018

I’ve always been fascinated with the brain. A main control centre that governs over our entire body. The organ that is responsible for us having daily thought, cherishing old memories, and allow us to problem solve. To me, the brain seems like an organ shrouded in a lot of mystery. How does this organ have the ability to store billions of memories, or allow us to learn more and more resulting in all of this information being stored for later use. It is simply incredible to me.
Because of this mystery, I wanted to write about 5 interesting things you didn’t know about the human brain, so here they are!

1. Our Brains are Made of Fat!

Since the late 1900’s, we have been guided by this ideology that fat is the worst thing we could ever consume in the diet. Since then, wellness professionals have become far more educated on the health benefits of fat after seeing the negative health impacts of a low-fat diet. Currently, fat has become a much more accepted macronutrient, lead by the ketogenic movement, and by others who now understand the importance of healthy fats to the body. Being that the brain is made of nearly 60% fat, it is no wonder that to have optimal brain functioning, we need to consume fat. The brains cells are physically made of fat in part, and these cells are what’s responsible for the brain governing many activities throughout the entire body. Essential Fatty Acids or EFA’s are of most importance when discussing the brain as these fats are used to construct the membranes of most cells, including the ones in the brain. Because these fats are essential, they need to be obtained from the diet from nuts, seeds, and fish or from a high quality fish or plant based omega 3 supplement.

2. If you are Under 25, Your Brain is Still Growing!

That’s right, specific parts of the brain have not and will not be completed in growth and development until the age of 25. This is a major reason why teens and young adults have a harder time making sound judgments and rational decisions, its not that a teen or young adult cannot make these types of decisions, they simply have a harder time with it. This underdeveloped part of the brain is called the Cerebrum, and is in charge with higher functioning’s such as speech, reasoning, learning, emotions and regulations of emotions, and fine motor skills.

3. A Three Pound Hardworking Machine!

The brain only weighs three pounds, THAT’S IT. Within three pounds and only three main parts, the brain is responsible for controlling the entire body and its functioning as well as piloting higher more complex objectives such as reasoning and thought. This melon sized, three pound brain consumes about 20% of total body oxygen as well as 20% of total body blood. Within this three pound organ lies about 100 billion brain cells that can link with one another making nearly 1000 trillion connections in the brain.

4. The “Only 10%” MYTH; Humans Use 100% of the Brain

The idea that humans only use 10% of our brains and that if we could use all of it, we would become superhumans, reaching much beyond the basic functioning’s of life is a large fallacy, and has been proven as such. This theory has been said to stem from professionals such as William James, American Psychologist, and Albert Einstein. While this theory has been proven wrong, there are hints of truth that lie within it. At rest or when resting and thinking, only 10% of the human brain may be used, but in most other instances, nearly every part of the brain is fully active. To read more about this topic, follow this link: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/do-people-only-use-10-percent-of-their-brains/

5. When We Die, The Brain Remains “On”

It has been recently shown in new studies that doctors have discovered that the brain remains active for possibly 10 minutes after “clinical” death, meaning a loss of a pulse, pupil unresponsiveness, and a loss of other vital signs. This activity included experiencing brain waves like that of a deep sleeping human. It is still unknown what the brain is up to at this time, and this info leads to many theories some may find radical. This is something we will just have to wait on to discover deeper answers about through more research and testing, but still, is very fascinating!

And there you have it! 5 very intriguing and mind-blowing (pardon the pun) facts about our brains!
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Michael Sharp, CNP.

DISCLAIMER: The information listed above is for educational purposes and discussion of general health information only. The information, opinions, ideas, and suggestions listed above are in no way intended to diagnose disease/health issues or act as a treatment for disease/health issues and is not to act as a substitute for medical advice from your doctor. Before taking part in any natural or alternative approach to health, these approaches should be reviewed by your doctor for approval especially if there are existing health conditions and if prescribed and or pharmaceutical medication is being taken due to the potential for interactions between medications and any natural approaches to health.

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