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Food Sensitivity Testing:

We have all heard of a food allergy; an immediate reaction to even a small amount of an allergenic food that usually results in severe and apparent symptoms.

But what many of us have not heard of are food sensitivities! These are delayed reactions to foods that are allergenic in nature, that are over consumed, or that are not properly digested.

The trickiest part of a food sensitivity is that, there are no apparent symptoms to link back to the consumption of said food!

When you consume a food that you have developed a sensitivity to, at a gut level, there is a low grade inflammatory response that can eventually trigger gut permeability or Leaky Gut, which then allows this low grade inflammation to build up and spread around the body.

Food sensitivities are linked to:
• Chronic headaches
• Joint pain
• Skin issues
• Digestive issues
• Mood issues
• Mental health conditions
• Autoimmune disease
• Weight issues
• Energy issues • & so much more!

Due to the fact that food sensitivities could have tie in’s to virtually every disease process, and because the symptoms can be so difficult to tie back to what you’re eating, the best way to assess for them is through the blood using a Food Sensitivity kit!

If you have interest in figuring out whether food sensitivities are playing a role in your health issues, contact me today!

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