Positive Reminders

Positive Reminders

COVID-19, the virus that has certainly disrupted a chunk of 2020. None of us could have possibly imagined that this is the way our 2020 would have started off, but alas, it has consumed much of our thought and daily energy!

Everyday we are reminded by social media, and the many news outlets, of the tragedy and hardship this virus has caused, and it is extremely easy to become bogged down in this despair.

Instead of focusing on the obviously negatives aspects of this pandemic, today I want to bring to light 5 positive aspects of life that we are reminded about because of COVID-19! So, if you need a dose of positivity, read on!

How Important our Physical Health is!

We all understand that physical health is extremely important for overall wellbeing, however during this pandemic, gyms, parks, and most trail areas had been completely shut off from public access. Besides this, being locked away in our homes, with many of us either laid off or taking time off work, the motivation and drive to get up and move has likely tanked!

I’m sure there are many out there who may have started to notice their pants fitter a little tighter, or their favorite shirt being a little more snug than usual, and have come to accept that exercise may be something to prioritize in any way possible!

These factors have allowed us to realize and remember how important staying physically active is, and how much we may take for granted the ability to go for a walk/run on the lakeside path, once it’s ripped from underneath us!

How Important our Mental Health is!

To tie into the above point about physical health, mental health is of equal importance in speaking of overall wellbeing!

When we are told we cannot leave our homes, not only can we not access our regular support systems as we used to; maybe our church, our mental health care providers, a friend, or even a family member, but we also may feel trapped with our struggles! Whether it’s anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts/behaviours, or our fears, it becomes much harder to get away from these when all we have around us is our 4 walls…

I’m sure during this time, we have come to realize how important our mental health is, and how important it is to always ensure we have the supports in place needed to combat our mental struggles!

During this time, I’ve heard many wonderful stories of the incredible ways in which people are maintaining their connections to the supports that help them the most with their mental health, and this virus has only illuminated that need!

How Important a Healthy Diet is!

Something we may take for granted outside of these unprecedented times is, how incredible it is to have access to clean, healthy food, but also how pertinent it is to nourish our bodies with healthy food!

During this time, I know that many have leaned on fast food for emotional support, as well as for the fact that going to the grocery store for whole foods has become extremely challenging, and in some cases not an option. I have also leaned on fast food as a support during this time, and this is completely understandable for anyone else that has as well!

With this, and as the length of this pandemic has gone on, many of us have now realized that this is no way to continue to feed our body and have begun making the necessary improvements to our daily diets. This pandemic has strengthened the notion of how important eating healthy is!

The Importance of Connection!

During life before COVID-19, it may have been much easier for us to put off a visit to a Grandpa, Grandma, Mother, Father, Sibling etc., and at that time, we may have not thought much about this, besides the odd passing thought of, “I know I need to get over there to visit them, but I’ve just been so busy!”.

Now that some have literally been restricted from seeing any of their loved ones, it has become much more apparent, and have reminded many of the importance of connectedness, especially with the ones we love the most!

The Amazing Adaptability of Humans!

Amongst the hardship, chaos, and disruption of COVID-19, something else has burst through. Many of us have seen the courage, bravery, inspiration, positivity, productivity, and strength of us and our peers grow immensely!

This pandemic is a blatant reminder of how adaptable we as humans are! It reminds us of how we can face any adversity, and triumph!

All of these positive reminders are aspects that we can carry through with us once this pandemic ends and are aspects that will make us that much stronger on the other side of COVID-19!

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Michael Sharp, CNP, NNCP. 

DISCLAIMER: The information listed above is for educational purposes and discussion of general health information only. The information, opinions, ideas, and suggestions listed above are in no way intended to diagnose disease/health issues or act as a treatment for disease/health issues and is not to act as a substitute for medical advice from your doctor. Before taking part in any natural or alternative approach to health, these approaches should be reviewed by your doctor for approval especially if there are existing health conditions and if prescribed and or pharmaceutical medication is being taken due to the potential for interactions between medications and any natural approaches to health.

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