Why a Holistic Approach to Health

Why a Holistic Approach to Health Care is Important!

You have been experiencing headaches, and everyday they seem to come around; first thing in the morning, at work, even before bed. It seems you never go a day without one…

So, what do you do? You go to your Doctors of course! You explain to the Doctor that you cannot escape these gruelling headaches. He or she may ask you some basic questions, “How long has this been going on…Have you tried anything that has helped…Has this happened in the past”, and ultimately, they decide to write you a prescription for a headache medication, and they tell you to take this everyday and the headaches should dissipate.

You take the Doctors advice, and to your relief, the headaches dissipate!

Life gets busy, and before you know it, you run out of the medication. You do not have the time to book another appointment with the doctor right now, so you do not, expecting that the issue has gone away and will stay that way!

For a couple of days, you feel great, and then, just as they were the headaches return, with a fury! This leaves you confused and frustrated, thinking, “Will I have to rely on this medication for the rest of my days?”.

This is just one example of how a medical approach devoid of a holistic outlook is damaging to one’s health care. Our current medical system is one that simply focuses on symptom management, without looking deeper into issues, leaving the individual being cared for without lasting results.

A holistic approach is one that considers an individual as a “whole”, and does not take an issue at face value, but investigates into one’s physical, emotional, and mental health, as well as considering how one is living on a day-to-day basis, and how they are eating. Using the information, they learn, a holistic practitioner develops a plan of action that works to address the root imbalances that are contributing towards the presenting symptom, ensuring that the individual receives lasting results!

Although this approach is usually lengthier than simply popping a pill, it is the more effective, and ethical way to support an individuals health concerns!

If you’re stuck in the medical system rut, contact me to book an appointment, to begin addressing the roots of your health concerns!

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